Friday, June 17, 2005


There are two basic approaches to advertising or lead generation... the shotgun approach... or the rifle approach.

There is only one cost efficient way... the rifle approach.

By carefully selecting specific niche markets, and presenting a compelling message directly
to that audience, you will begin to reap the real profit rewards of direct marketing.

First let's define a "niche" market. I define it as: "Any homogeneous market in which
the members of the group have similar occupational or lifestyle characteristics... those
characteristics being ones which would make them an excellent prospect to develop a
Seasilver business... and/or consume the product.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

How To Avoid Spam Robots

Despite the fact that Federal legislation (the CANSPAM act)
made it illegal, harvesting email addresses from the web
using automated robots remains alive and well.

Spammers who need fresh email addresses release software
spider programs that comb the Internet and suck email
addresses off Web pages, guest books, and anywhere else you
might post your email address.

Once they get your email address, spammers will trade it
around like 5th graders with a new pack of Pokemon cards at
recess and you can expect the avalanche of email to begin
flooding your inbox.

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